Main Indicators

  • Largest exporter of Bovine meat, Poultry meat and leather
  • First foreign sales of soy complex (bran, oil and grain), beef, chicken. Featured in the production of maize, rice, pork and fish.
  • Largest producer of iron ore and tobacco
  • Largest producer and exporter of coffee, cane sugar, fruit juices
  • 3rd largest market for cosmetics
  • 4th Destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) among emerging markets
  • 4th largest mobile phone market
  • 4th largest manufacture of commercial aircraft
  • 5th largest population market of books and music
  • 7th largest consumer market
  • 8th steel producer and market power
  • Largest ethanol producer in the world, with 308 production plants installed generating 17.7 billion liters / year.
  • The energy matrix of Brazil has 45% of renewable sources while for the world this reason is 14%.

    Strategic Location and Market

  • Area : 8.514.876,599 Km2.
  • Population 190 million of habitants
  • The consumer market includes more than 900 million potential consumers, considering Brazil, Latin America and North America
  • Border with all South American countries, except Chile and Ecuador.

    Supported Growth

  • In the ranking of the world's largest economies, Brazil is in 6th position, together with the United Kingdom, France and Italy, ahead of Spain, Mexico and South Korea.
  • Brazilian exports since 2003 have been showing a growth rate higher than world imports, resulting in an improvement of Brazilian participation in world trade.


  • 70 airports serving over 75 million passengers/year
  • 54 ports with capacity of over 500 million tons / year.
  • 31,000 km of rail - 11th largest railway in the world
  • 1.6 million kilometers of highways - the third largest road system in the world.
  • The phone lines in Brazil are 100% digital.
  • Brazil is a country with better communications infrastructure with 125 million mobile lines, approximately 42 million fixed lines and more than 1 million of public telephones.