Agromass Brasil

The best partner for your business

Agromass is a company specialized in consulting services and advice on foreign trade, turned to the importation of general goods from China and export of bovine, pork, chicken meat and offals.

Working in the market of export / import for almost 10 years, we offer extensive experience in international business, creating new opportunities and solutions anywhere in the world.

We initiate our activities with Asia and Middle East Market, and expand this partnership for France, Egypt, Russia and Paraguay and others.

We participate in recent years of the most important International Fairs as Anuga in Germany, Sial in Paris, Gulf Fair in Dubai and WorldFood in Russian.

Our head office is located in São José do Rio Preto-SP, also we have a branch (Industry) located in Catalão-GO, counting with an expert and specialized team in this business branch. Especially in production of beef offals to Hong Kong-China market.

Improving the development and the reinforcement of commercial relationships, friendship and cooperation with our partners/suppliers


Performance Area

We execute your export process for all countries around the world and import from anywhere in the world, especially from China. Looking and developing new markets, products and opportunities. Using the best and most qualified agents abroad.

We represent your company at countries and specifics markets, finding customers, suppliers, developing research and doing business, adapting to the governing norms that control the import and export, so you can enjoy all the benefits and exemptions granted by law.

We participate since the initial contact with your target market, up to the arrival and release of your product at the destination, providing the pricing, documents, logistics /bookings and all necessary operations of exchange.

Our efforts are focused on quality and meeting the specific needs of our customers/partners.

Agromass Brasil. The best partner for your great deals!